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Our Services

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation consists a review of our services as well as the student’s academic standing, goals and extracurricular activities. Upon signing a consulting agreement, the fee for the initial consultation is applied to the grade-level fee.

Freshman – Junior Years

Every student has different interests, likes and learning styles; a college that may be right for one student may not be the best match for another. As we get to know our students, we review the best strategies for curriculum, extracurricular activities, standardized testing, community service, unique talents, and summer enrichment. We offer suggestions on how students can strengthen their profiles, so college doors are open for them.

Senior Year

We guide students through all phases of the application process: creation of activities resumes, preparing for interviews, and obtaining recommendations.  We assist with developing and reviewing essays — from brainstorming topics to rough drafts to final review. Services include:

  • Compose a thorough list of best-fit college options

  • Assist in selecting final list of colleges

  • Consider early action/early decision options

  • Discuss special circumstances

Aid in all phases of the application process including:

  • prioritized lists: activities, honors, work, community service and summer experiences

  • campus visits: how to research and plan, maps, rating charts, tips, scheduling

  • interviewing: strategies and practice

  • recommendations: whom to ask and how to make them count

  • essays: assist with appropriate topics, style, technique, tone, format and editing

  • final review of applications


One on One Consulting

Tampa Bay College Consulting provides one-on-one personalized counseling with your student. During the crucial summer months before senior year, we spend valuable time with your student. College fit, one of the most overlooked vital aspects of creating a college list, is critical to the success of a student’s career, and we strive to find a fit that benefits both the student and the college – a perfect match to be made.

Focused on What's Best for your Student

Our goal is to find the right college fit for each student where they will be successful and thrive educationally, socially and personally. Often students open up to an outside source when discussing their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. In a relaxed atmosphere, we honestly review the student’s strengths and weaknesses and pair those with educational goals and choices. 

Over 25 Years of Experience

Time and expertise are the most significant commodities we offer. Our founder, Martin Smith, has over 25 years of experience in the college admission process uniquely positioning Tampa Bay College Consulting to help your student. Martin has served as the chief enrollment officer at three different universities (Public and Private) and has consulted with over 30 Universities across the United States. He utilizes his over two decades of enrollment experience to help your student in their college search.

Reading a Book

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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